Our Smallest Home

Our Smallest Home

First week back of 2016 and the guys did an amazing job building Megalo's smallest home ever. The kids (both big and small) will have hours of enjoyment on these patios especially with the river views. 

Looking forward to an amazing year full of fun and milestones for the whole team. 

Another Satisfied Client

We are so happy to have just completed another project with a return customer, Alistair Campbell (Habitat 88). It is so very humbling for us as a team to have repeat business with more works scheduled for next year. 

Check out the most recently completed project at Pembroke Road, Coorparoo. A testimonial that makes our team so very happy. "Megalo Constructions have now built multiple townhouse developments for me that have incorporated both renovations and new builds. From inception to completion they have a can do attitude toward finding a solution that will be cost effective, to the highest quality and delivered in time efficient way. They are honest, ethical and hard working in helping achieve the best outcome for their client."

Megalo Sponsoring Mental Awareness Foundation's 2015 Walk For Awareness

Megalo Sponsoring Mental Awareness Foundation's 2015 Walk For Awareness

Mental health and wellbeing is a rising concern around the world especially in the construction industry. The facts below are proof that the issue is nothing to shy away from. The team at Megalo constructions believes it's time to break the taboo around the topic and start asking people around them 'R U OK?'. Megalo has recently jumped on board with the team at Mental awareness foundation www.mentalawarenessfoundation.com.au to help raise awareness to the people around them. Construction workers are more than twice as likely to die by suicide than other people in Australia!

  • Construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than through a workplace accident!
  • Apprentices in construction are two and a half time more likely to suicide than other young men their age.
  • Mental health on Construction sites is now accepted as an industry concern.
  • There are nearly one million (930,00) Construction workers in Australia

Megalo SponsoringT 2015 Porsche Cup

Megalo SponsoringT 2015 Porsche Cup


Megalo Constructions is the naming rights sponsor of the Carrera Cup car driven by GT racing prodigy Matt Campbell


Megalo Constructions is the naming rights sponsor of the Carrera Cup car driven by GT racing prodigy Matt Campbell at the final round of the Australian Carrera Cup Championship at Surfers Paradise 23-25 October. Matt Campbell is the most promising young driver to be discovered in recent Australian motorsport history.

All  Carrera Cup cars are 450HP pure-bred Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race cars built by the Porsche factory in Germany. Carrera Cup is the premie support category to the V8 Supercar championship. More information on the race weekend event here: www.v8supercars.com.au/events/queensland/castrol-gold-coast-600

Celebrating 10 years of HIA Membership

Celebrating 10 years of HIA Membership

Megalo Constructions is proud to announce our 10 year Membership of the HIA.

The HIA is the is the official body of Australia’s home building industry and it's with great honour that we've reached our 10 year milestone. We'd like to thank our staff, our clients and our industry friends for helping us to reach this milestone

Choosing the right contract

Choosing the right contract

Contracts are legally binding so it is important to get them right. Use this checklist to ensure your building contract contains all the necessary elements.

A Building Contract is an important legal document that forms an agreement between a builder and consumer about domestic building work.  As each state and territory in Australia has its own building authority, building contract laws vary from state to state.

In New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, legal requirements for these contracts are set out in the Home Building act 1989, the Domestic Building Contracts act 2000, and the domestic building contracts act 1995 respectively.  Regardless of where you are building your new home a contract is required if the total cost of work exceeds a certain amount.  In NSW, builders must supply their clients with a written contract if a job costs more than $1,000 inc labour and materials.  This amount is set at $3,300 in Queensland and Victoria.

By law, contracts must contain a checklist of the following items.  A caution about signing the contract must be included if ‘yes’ cannot be assured to all items on the checklist.  You should also consider seeking legal advice from a solicitor who specialises in home building matters before you sign on the dotted line.

By law, contracts must contain
a checklist of the following items:

  • Does the Builder hold a current builder’s licence or registration certificate?  If so, does it cover the type of work outlined in the contract?  You should only deal with a builder or tradesperson who is licenced by the NSW Office of Fair Trading, Queensland Building Services Authority or Victoria Building Commission

  • Do the name and number on the builder’s licence or registration certificate match those on the contract?  Building contracts must also contain your name and address, the signatures of both parties and the date the contract was signed

  • Are you aware of who is to obtain any council and other approvals of the work?  Make sure you understand who is required to obtain these approvals.

  • Has the Builder obtained the necessary foundation data such as a soil report and contour survey?

  • Does your preliminary agreement cover anything other than a soil report?  Preliminary agreements are often used to get your agreement to a soil report, but some builders include costs for drawing up plans & specifications.  Its important to obtain advice from a building lawyer before signing such a contract

  • Is all work to be undertaken covered in the contract, drawings or specifications?   Contracts must detail the full terms of the agreement between you and your contractor and contain a sufficient description of the work to be carried out.  All plans & specifications (including fixtures, fittings and finishes) should be attached to the contract.

  • The contract price should be prominently displayed.  The contract must contain a clear warning if the contract price is unknown or if it is subject to change.  An explanation of how the contract price may be vary should also be included.

  • Ensure the deposit is within the legal limit.  Your deposit should be no more than 10% for works costing $20,000 or less and five percent for works costing more than $20,000

  • Does the contract require the release of progress payments and if so is the payment schedule clearly outlined in the contract?  In QLD and VIC you must pay a specific amount for each completed stage of the building.  If your builder has requested different payment terms, ensure you get legal advice before you decide that the alternative method complies with requirements

  • Do you understand the procedure for variations?  All variations must be in writing and should include the signature of both parties to the contract.

  • Does the contract state when work on the home is to start and finish or the number of days required to finish?  If there is no defined start date, the contract must state that the builder will do everything feasible to start work on the home as early as possible.  The contract must also outline allowances made by the builder if any delays occur.

  • The contract must contain a note about the insurance required under NSW Home Building Act 1989, The Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991 or the Building Act 1993 in Victoria, as well as the implied statutory warranties in each state.  In NSW and VIC builders must provide you with certificate of insurance before receiving any money under the contract or before doing any work valued at more than $12,000.  For QLD builders, a certificate of insurance is required for domestic building work valued at more than $3,300

  • Are you aware of the cooling off provisions in the contract?  In NSW, QLD and VIC building contracts are subject to a cooling off period of 5 business days starting the date you receive the signed copy of the document.  The contract may be cancelled by the home owner during this period by way of written notice.  Different conditions apply in each state regarding the cooling off period.  Contact the building authority in your state for more information.

  • Does the contract contain an approved checklist and a separate section with definitions of works used in the document?  In NSW you must also receive a copy of the NSW Fair Trading Consumer Building Guide.  While Queensland Builders are required to give consumers a copy of the BSA Consumer Guide.


Don’t forget, if a builder or tradesperson wants you to sign a contract that does not meet all of these requirements you should not feel obliged to sign it.

The Homeowner is always entitled to a copy of the contract once it has been signed and should be received within 5 business days.